Poor Manager

Finance Prof. says, "maximize shareholder's wealth"
Marketing Prof. says, "maximize customer satisfaction"
Human Resource Prof. says, "maximize employee satisfaction"
Operations Prof. says, "maximize firms efficiency"

When will a manager get to live his life?
He is always concerned about others.
When will he . . . ?

I need a copy of Atlas Shrugged!

Big time.

Point, CV Point

First term at IIM was a replay of the final year at NITK.
All the movies that DC can offer.
Of course, minus the beach.
And the sunset.

How I miss the beach.
And the sunset. Rather the sun.

Second term came and along with it came Summer placements.
An eye-opener.
People are all-in-all.
They study, sing, dance, flirt, smoke, play, mug, drink, write, quiz, paint . . .
It doesn’t feel great to learn that there are 120 people ahead of you.
Or does it?

For you get the urge to study. To solve a few cases.
There are subjects in which you are good.
And there are others you are miserable at.
You feel, the subjects are miserable, the professors are miserable.
And you complain, “I am at the wrong place.”
Awaiting those month-end parties.

Hey, by the by, reading “The monk who sold his Ferrari” is not going to add a CV point. Why read it?
You are told you wasted 24 years of your life.
Be focused. Do things that add CV points.
Oh, the first scene of Modern Times.

"Its very difficult to get a good friend in an IIM"

"Why do you say that?"

"People are busy. They don't have time for . . . oh, just remembered, gotta rush for the baddy match, bye!"