Some Times

Sometimes I feel time is accelerating. The earlier years of my life were slower. Then they got fast, faster, more faster (now don’t crib about the grammatical error) and even more faster. This might be since I have a lot more do these days when compared to earlier days.
Is it just me or is it something the whole human race is going through?

The last two years of my life were happening ones. We were all warned it will be so. We were also told the two years will the most unforgettable too. Well, time will tell if that claim is true.
Yes, the 22 months were fast. Why was it so? Well when you have a lot to do and you get to meet a lot of people, time flies. Yes, it does.

At times, one might try to slow down things. Not talking to people, not doing projects and shutting oneself up in the room. Well, he/she ends up regretting more. For the next night in the mess, you meet passionate people talking about that guest lecture you missed, that learning at the consulting competition or the fun at the weekend workshop.
Having learnt the lesson, one ends up taking part in anything and everything. For you never know where you stand until you take part in the race.

To be named, been there done that
One likes to be photographed and tagged
One arrives at the month end party exquisitely dressed
Embrace the lady and high-five for him
Photographing the peacocks and the benches
Seeking 59 likes and 34 wow-comments
My brethren in high spirits and their sisters sloshed.

At the end of it all one is left with the contact details of about 500 people who are necessarily highly-motivated, sometimes hard-working and would probably compromise-on-anything-for-success.
Oh yes success. Whether you measure it by your monthly paycheck or the attractiveness/intellect of your life partner, you better earn that. For the world will respect you then and only then. And sometimes one feels, quoting a premium, success is overvalued in a B-school.
But if you are lucky you will end up making a dozen or so good friends, you will learn a little bit about yourself, a bit more about others and to please others by lying and name it being polite.

I consider myself lucky.

Always have been.

Having decided that my previous work was inconsequential I decided to take part in this race. When I started I didn’t know it was a race. As I finish now you can’t ask me where I stand. Well, my fellow students taught me everything in this human birth is a race. An eternal one.
So the race is still on. And the roads are aplenty.

After a hundred movies on my laptop, which includes 20 Malayalam flicks, a score more on the cable; 6 seasons of Friends; 3 seasons of That’s 70s Show; a dozen or so books; tens of hours of chatting and cribbing on GTalk the 70 day vacation is nearing its end.

To Mumbai!

P.S. The pics were clicked at the Palaghat Fort. And if you are touring Kerala
someday you wouldn’t want to miss The Rock Gardens at Malampuzha. Of which I have pics but am lazy to upload.


I am in love with the character of the girl in the bus! Her looks are so intense. Damn.

What is the director trying to convey here?
I am wondering . . . that Khalujaan is in love, that he is feeling everything around him is romantic, blissful and nice. Even if the girl doesn't look at him lovingly the man in love will feel that the stranger girl is so fond of him. That you are worth a look and possibly a smile.
Why is the man who learns that Khalujaan and the girl exchanging glances, giving him his seat?
Since Khalujaan is old?
Or is he a romantic himself and he understands?

Its 4.00 am.
I have lot of unanswered questions including three essays.
And the song is in loop.

The Last Home Coming

I just planned a 3330 kms of chiku-buku for 56 hours! (And I am only hoping it doesn’t turn to be 127 hours :) )

And what’s the icing on the cake this time?
I will be along with a couple of works of fiction. Period.

I have learnt that travelling alone is a unique experience and can be very rewarding, personally. Advantages of travelling alone are plenty:
  • It's easier to make friends with the other travellers. Yup, you got me. ;)
  • You only have to please yourself. You are not concerned about a zillion other people and their safety and comfort
  • Your time and budget. No excel sheets after the journey!
  • Your travel will be far more flexible and you take decisions on the spur of the moment
  • Opportunity for reflection and contemplation. This is no globe. This is required after two years of fast-paced b-school life :)
You might be thinking what an introverted moron I am. Yes, I am and always will be. And this doesn’t mean that next time you plan a trip you comfortably avoid me. I will bury you alive. :)

From the time I joined for my post-graduation I wanted to take a train from Lucknow to my native. And this is my last chance. I have heard that once you stay in a train for 2-3 days, even after you get out the hangover stays and you feel like you are shaking. :)
I have always loved travelling. That’s one reason why I had a great time during my summer internship. Memorable days!

And trains. You know how much I love them. And moreover this journey is going to be special. The final one after two years of so called academic rigour.

Honestly academic rigour is upto you. Its how much you want to do rather than someone imposing things on you. More about b-school system in another post possibly a month or two later. :)
P.S. I clicked these in my last journey on the Konkan rail-line. The next one should ideally have better ones :)