Atheism Means Moral Freedom

God is in your mind. I am sure of this.

Whenever I write "God" I use a capital G since I respect your opinion and I would expect you to return that favor. Thank you.

Nothing exists but matter. Humankind is on its own. You are the way you are today not because you prayed or you didn't. But because of your actions and thoughts till now. Your bliss is within yourself. You have to search for happiness within yourself first and try to make earth a good place to live.

There is nothing other than the physical nature that you see. There are no supreme forces or unknown entities. Yes, science hasn't yet explained everything around you, but that day is not far.

Instead of building a church, mosque or a temple why don’t you go and build a hospital. Your work is required here and now.

God taught man neither the sciences nor the arts. Then what did God teach you? Morality? Well, take my word for it, for a person to be ethical he needs no faith in unscientific beliefs.

God created Man?
Man created God?
The prime difference between Man and animals, as we all know the former "Thinks". Through experience man found that he is happier when his mind is clear, when his thought process is pure, when he thinks of good things (the morality that I discussed comes here). So to be happy he has to control his mind. Controlling the mind is a very difficult exercise. It needs a lot of training. Thus man invented prayer, a set of requests to a particular person named God.
Thus man created God. Proved.

Then he went on thinking about his God. He started writing books, epics. He built large structures. If only all that time, energy and resources were put aside for human welfare, hmmm, I can’t imagine how much better place this world could have been.

There so much destruction in this world just because of religion. All the communal riots going on around the world wouldn't have been there if there had been no God and His other believes.
How nice a place this world would have been.....

God is in your mind. I am sure of this.

Beauty of Symmetry

Beauty is symmetry and exactness. Symmetry has been inherently attractive to the human eye. Moreover,in the human body, symmetry is probably a good indicator of general health and strength.

To gauge how beautiful and appealing a work of art is we can use two parameters - complexity and order (or symmetry). If something is complex, it will be more appealing if it is less symmetrical. Else, if something is highly-symmetrical, it is better if it is less complex.

Symmetry has several variants, but the basic symmetrical operations are Translation, Rotation, and Reflection.

However, I think beauty is highly subjective. Whatever triggers your aesthetic sense should be defined as beauty.