Where Have You Been, All These Years

Quite a lot happened in the last four years and blogging turned out to be one of my least priorities.
Maybe I have kept myself busy.
June 2011 - I arrived in Mumbai. I brought the rains along with me, all the way from Kerala.
And in the last four years
  - I changed my job twice.
  - I changed my phone thrice.
  - I changed my abode four times.
I trekked the Sahayadris, partied with artists, danced with doctors, walked the city alongside a Bengali and worked with a Sindhi.

And then?

And then I met D, a cute and sweet kiddo. 
I asked her, "where have you been, all these years?"
She asked me the same question.
Maybe we were busy learning our life lessons.
Maybe she lived and grew up just 8 kms from where I spent my vacations.
Maybe we have crossed each other a couple of times when I strolled down to the railway station.
I assured her, everything is happening for good.

February 2014 - Engaged to D.
Marriage in May - I was in a state of trance. 

Our honeymoon, more of a trip, to Singapore was fun.
I had planned the trip in great detail and depth. D was wondering why the hell is this guy acting so nerdy. Thats when she realized she is screwed for the rest of her life! :)
During the trip we understood each other better and fought over innumerable stuff. My short temper playing spoilsport. My inexperience with women added to my insensitivity. When I look back now I feel pity for D. D is so adjusting and sweet. 
We had a memorable time. We tried various cuisine. Universal Studios was D's favourite. Night Safari was a meditative experience.  

D once pulled my sleeve and reminded me, memories are more valuable than material stuff. This reminded me of some academic articles that tried to detail happiness.