Atheism Means Moral Freedom

God is in your mind. I am sure of this.

Whenever I write "God" I use a capital G since I respect your opinion and I would expect you to return that favor. Thank you.

Nothing exists but matter. Humankind is on its own. You are the way you are today not because you prayed or you didn't. But because of your actions and thoughts till now. Your bliss is within yourself. You have to search for happiness within yourself first and try to make earth a good place to live.

There is nothing other than the physical nature that you see. There are no supreme forces or unknown entities. Yes, science hasn't yet explained everything around you, but that day is not far.

Instead of building a church, mosque or a temple why don’t you go and build a hospital. Your work is required here and now.

God taught man neither the sciences nor the arts. Then what did God teach you? Morality? Well, take my word for it, for a person to be ethical he needs no faith in unscientific beliefs.

God created Man?
Man created God?
The prime difference between Man and animals, as we all know the former "Thinks". Through experience man found that he is happier when his mind is clear, when his thought process is pure, when he thinks of good things (the morality that I discussed comes here). So to be happy he has to control his mind. Controlling the mind is a very difficult exercise. It needs a lot of training. Thus man invented prayer, a set of requests to a particular person named God.
Thus man created God. Proved.

Then he went on thinking about his God. He started writing books, epics. He built large structures. If only all that time, energy and resources were put aside for human welfare, hmmm, I can’t imagine how much better place this world could have been.

There so much destruction in this world just because of religion. All the communal riots going on around the world wouldn't have been there if there had been no God and His other believes.
How nice a place this world would have been.....

God is in your mind. I am sure of this.


karthik said...


long long ago there was a man ... he after sometime found a good shelter, a good source of food, a decent mate for company and basically his ife was settled ,atleast for the near future. then he found something he never had time. he started to think . he wanted to know why was it raining...he wanted to know why was the wind blowing ...above all he wanted to know why he existed...
this question at some stage was examined by the earths first conference of intellectuals. they set out to find out the answer to these questions. they realized that they could start with an assumption and try to prove/disprove it...however the questions were far too they devised a simple solution ..they made the ultimate assumption and called it !@#$%(which was later modified to god)...
the trouble stated when some wise guy , tired of answering, decided to make the ultimate assumption the ultimate answer.. and the answer to all questions became god...
great people have tried their level best to dispel this myth(Galileo and his famous fight with the church) and dumb ideas exist even today (the Darwin's theory is still not taught in th US..some other theory is taught).
however this view never rules out the existence of god. it is still an assumption and nothing has been proved/disproved....

Athijoop said...

Nobody is ready to accept facts, dissapointments, mistakes, failure. Man always tends to attributes his suffering to a particular reason; doesnt want to carry forward his blame or suffering. Man searched for a term to find solace. Man created God. God further evolved to becum a person on whom Man can lean onto through their trivials and sufferings. Thus, was created religion and the rest.


Prajeesh said...

Of late, a Sikh friend of mine, who I believe has understood his religion pretty well, gave a explanation for GOD according to his religion. There are somethings that can be explained and some that which can't be explained. What Sikhism did was aggregate all that can be explained and call it Science, likewise, aggregate all that can not be explained and call it God. Seems to me like a logical way to explain how God and religion were created.