Gives a great explanation of religion


karthik said...

A poorly made documentary.A novice like me can see faults quite often.

I cannot see any info online about the birth or death of Horus,Mithra or Dyonysus. If the claim that they were similar is true and proved then they will be all over the net.

Nowhere in mythology is it said that Krishna was born of a virgin. Nor was he ever resuureccted.
First time that I saw someone spell Manu-"Manou".
Their sources,I can say is speculation,which is what they accuse the religious fanatics of.

What is crishna of hindostan??!!!!
And well, there is no Budha Sakia of India ,Salivahana of Bermuda, Indra of Tibet(!!!),Crite of Chaldea and I did not care to look at the rest.

If these people want to fight for the truth they must get their facts straight.They are no different than the people they want to oppose.

Apart from the Punch line nothing i felt was worth it.

Prajeesh said...

Yes completely agreed that most of the stuff, claimed are without proper credentials and totally unconvincing. We could make it out, as we were Hindus ( :) sorry you are ) and we know for sure stuff stated in there is not true to the best of our knowledge. But there are some things that I liked in this movie, especially the slow pace, you can call me eccentric, but cant help it!

Nitin D'Souza said...

I wonder why you considered this as a blog material? The movie, though interesting, is incorrect in many places and has no credentials whatsoever... [:)]...

Prajeesh said...

Haha, whats "blog material" ?
This is just a place to jot down whatever comes to my mind. Isn't it ?