There seems to be nothing impossible in internet commerce. Today I found out that I can find, compare and buy a pregnant mother at shopping.com. This is what you see when you hover your mouse over pregnant mother in this news item. (Clic the Pic)
This is amazing. Isn't it. Everything is getting automated. 
All those double underlined links give up these pop-up ads. 
Left and right we have ads. Moneycontrol has the same crappy way of advertising and sometimes even worse. 
Network 18. 
Ya, I know. 
They are making big money. 


Mohammed Haseeb said...

What the hell were you looking for when you searched for 'pregnant woman'?

Prajeesh said...

lol..I never searched for pregnent women. I stumbled on that.

Nitin D'Souza said...

yeah yeah... that stumbleupon.com site... amazing... :)