Whom will I tell all my sorrows?
I want to drown them.

Who can I ask all my doubts?
I am pestered by so many.

Where do I wash all my dirt?
For the sink is clogged.


Josh said...

Ans to Q1. To someone who has got no time to brood for herself.

Ans to Q2. Prof. KB.

Ans to Q3. GnB wash-basin. No pipe below it to clog it. :D

Prajeesh Jayaram L said...

Crap :)
Is this what you do on a special day like today ?

Blashzin said...

probably u didnt mean the sink in the SRDFVV.. nearby where we used to play gully cricket in front of the classroom

Prajeesh Jayaram L said...

Haha. I am hoping you are talking about 8th grade. Innumerable places we would have played gully cricket right?