All my life I have stayed in South India. And always near the coasts. I haven't experienced extreme weather conditions. And in the coastal areas we sweat a lot. No wonder I had a abode of lice on my head when I was in school and college.
When I moved over to Bangalore, I seldom sweat. And no more lice now.
Day before yesterday one of my north Indian colleagues was complaining that the weather in Bangalore is monotonous. And also I came across this blog of small squirrel.
Ya I do understand. Change is necessary.
But isn't this the viewpoint of the elite rich who can afford to buy clothes for different seasons and who can huddle up in their cozy bedrooms in winter and who can switch on their ACs in the melting summer?
What about the not so well off ?


small squirrel said...

hi there. well, I am not sure I would correlate the enjoyment of seasons with being elitist. I mean, to me south indian heat, even in bangalore is extreme. everything is relative. in the US, when it gets frigidly cold out, we have shelters for the homeless so they do not have to stay outside and risk freezing to death. I do not know what happens in Delhi with their extreme conditions, but I assume that there is also a "swalpa adjust maadi" attitude among the people there, too.

I do feel for people who are less well off. But they have larger issues than the seasons... like education and healthcare and food, no? and even a poor person can appreciate nature, can they not? just because one is poor of money does not make them poor of spirit. I am sure poor kids enjoy playing in piles of fallen leaves just as much as rich ones, right?

Jawahara Saidullah said...

I am sure poor people in cold countries (heck, even in cold places within India) who need woollens and boots to stay warm might not feel quite so elitist.

Yes they can be fashionable but I would look pretty silly in flip flops and cotton shirts during winter in Europe. And sometimes, when winter seemed to go on and on in the U.S., I longed for a hot Indian day so I could just wear cottons and sandals.

And just because someone can dream of other climates does not necessarily make them elitist.

Prajeesh said...

yes, agreed that both the poor and rich can enjoy nature. I am not claiming that "And just because someone can dream of other climates does not necessarily make them elitist."
But just that this flashed in my mind when I read it.
I have no personal opinion about small squirrels thoughts.
Just wanted to share my viewpoint with her.