Watching Time

Yesterday when I was walking from office to my regular hotel, where I have my dinner, I saw a security guy loafing around his assigned position aimlessly.
I have always felt nobody should waste his/her time in any way, whether he be a hawker, security, or a bencher at Infy!
The security at my office just sits at his seat. He sometimes reads the newspapers, magazines etc. Rest of the time he makes phone calls using the company phones.
I have seen some of them read books and make notes etc.
What was running in my mind was, why can't we give shape to a segment of job, which can be given to these security people. This work should not have any deadlines and should not require any high educational qualification requirement.
The merits of this scheme are many
  1. These guys get an extra pay for this work.
  2. They wouldn't sleep as they are working on something which is adding to their purse.
  3. There is lot of clerical, grunt work which nobody would like to do on a regular basis. The security guy would have already got fed up sitting down not doing any work, he would feel this work to be better than not working at all.
The implementation is easier as security is already an organized sector in India. Many of the offices and merchant establishments have outsourced security to Security Services Agencies. So this performance rewarded scheme can be initiative from these companies. Have to put in some more thought in this direction.

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