Karadhi-The man

I have always wondered how people like Karadhi and his son become superstars in the Tamil film industry. Maybe both because of their great looks and great acting skills. The tamilian viewers are great as far as appreciating actors and their skills.
Here you can see people wasting their time comparing Chandramukhi, Bhool Bhuliya and other remakes with Manichithra Thazhu. They are comparing two times national award winner Padmashree Shobana with Jyothika, Vidya Balan and Soundarya.

Give me a break.

Shobana, I believe is an artist, unlike Jyothika, Vidya Balan who are actresses.
The malayalees fighting there, I believe, are degrading Shobana by comparing her with such actresses. (And wasting their time, mind you, that video has 200 comments!)
I have no problem with Tamil film industry and I love Kamal Haasan's performances (in Moondram Pirai, Nayagan, Mahanadi and innumerable others); the great movies made by Mani Ratnam; Illayaraja's and ARR's Music. I am addicted to ARR's music. I fall from my seat clutching my stomach, laughing, seeing Vivek's and Vadivelu's performances.
But when somebody says Rajinikant's performance in Chandramukhi is better than Mohanlal's in Manichithra Thazhu what do you expect me to do, but laugh.
I think it is stupid to compare actors like this. While Rajinikant and Mohanlal are both legendry actors, the Tamil movie's director must have thought what will be the best to entertain the Tamil viewers. When a malayalee sees this he might feel it is stupid and illogical. No, I am not claiming that malayalees are very intellectual and brilliant, most of the times I feel the other way. But, I and three of my malayalee friends felt the climax of Chandramukhi laughable.
Likewise when a Tamilian watches the malayalee version he would feel that the malayalee version is too boring and emotionless (as he is not seeing the subtle emotions that the actors' are trying to portray as he is only used to emotions which are very explicit).
When I watched Kannathil Muthamital the scene which I liked the most was the reaction on the girl's face when she learns she is an orphan. Many Tamilians I know, don't even remember this scene. Well I feel this is the difference between the way I appreciated the movie and my Tamilian friends did.
Posting this with due respects to the taste of Tamizh makal.


Bikerdude said...

Right said, Fred! Couldn't agree with you more. The subtleties of emotion in Mal cinema completely escape the mainstream masses. Manichitrathazhu was definitely a far cry from all the other pretenders.

Great blog, my first time here. Keep 'em coming!

Poojitha said...

yes...i agree that chandramukhi was one of d worst remakes...but..you couldnt say that abt all mallu movies!! Ive had enough with a couple of suresh gopi movies...lol...hes the mallu incarnation of our Gaptun Vijayakanth!!!

Prajeesh said...

@bikerdude- Honoured by your comment, I am a big fan of your blog.
@poojitha- Ya sure there are really bad movies in malayalam as well, never denied that. We watch Suresh Gopi movies for the thrill of his dialogues :D, Agreed that they are not great stuff.